XL RCI (Gen 3)

The RCI-XL: Supersize your carry

We have created the RCI-XL for you to be able to store and safely carry telephoto lenses in a comfortable and versatile backpack. Not only will you be able to fit super telephoto lenses like the Canon 600 f4, the Sony 600, and the Nikon 600 with the camera body attached it also means that since it fits in the Fjord 60-C, your backpack and the gear are carry-on compatible!

The adaptable Removable Camera Insert (RCI) system is ultra-protective, customisable and is made with recycled materials. This X-Large (RCI-XL) is compatible only with the Fjord 60-C and leaves 0% free space in the main compartment. The roll top and front compartments are still available for use. The RCI-XL is the right choice for people that need to carry super telephoto lens and video camera gear. 


Weight: 1100 g / 2.2 lb

Dimensions (external): 30 (W) x 53.5 (H) x 18.5 (D) cm / 11.8 (W) x 21.5 (H) x 7.3 (D) in

Dimensions (internal):   27.5 (W) x 51.0 (H) x 16.0 (D) cm / 10.83 (W) x 21 (H) x 6.3 (D) in


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