It had been a dream of mine for many years to one day design my own backpack and finally in the winter of 2016 I decided that it was time for action. The grand idea was to develop a backpack that would cater to all my needs, be durable enough, and have a minimal environmental footprint. Having worked in the bag industry for over a decade and travelling to nearly all the continents it was time to pursue this dream and bring my vision of the best adventure camera bag to life.

Along with the help of longtime friend Mario, my wife Catarina and several early-day prototype testers, the team was put in place to finalize the designs and prepare for our launch on Kickstarter. In November 2017 NYA-EVO reached and exceeded its funding goal and this dream became a reality.


To create the most dependable and user focused camera packs for adventurers, explorers and creators used the world over


We make camera packs for adventurers, explorers and creators. Our products are designed to give you freedom, freedom to trust that your gear will be safe so you can focus on the important things like getting that once in a lifetime polar bear shot or catching the sunrise over the Japanese Alps. Our goal is to enable you to have the confidence to go that extra mile, to head out into the wild and get to that ridge line to see what is on the other side. NYA-EVO is designed to help you Go Further.

OUR TEAM - We have yet to stop being amazed how this extraordinary group of people from all over the world came together to work on something special and make NYA-EVO what it is today, and more importantly, what it will be tomorrow. 



Camera bags - Created to - Go Further