Fjord 60-C ECONYL® with RCI-Full Set Unit

Fit more in, go even further (C is for Carry-on).
Our brand new NYA-EVO Fjord 60-C now features an updated main fabric made of ECONYL® — a sustainable material which transforms nylon waste, otherwise polluting the Earth, into yarn and then fabric.

One thing all filmmakers and photographers can attest to is that gear is heavy, expensive and bulky, not leaving much space for other essentials. Not only does their gear need to be on-hand, but bags need to be sturdy enough to withstand some pretty extreme situations. The FJORD C-60 balances these demands in a comfortable, adaptable CARRY-ON design. 

Pair the Fjord 60-C with the RCI unit that best fits your gear or choose all 3 RCI units (Full set) and receive a 10% discount. The adaptable Removable Camera Insert (RCI) system is ultra-protective, customisable, and collapses flat when not in use. It comes in three sizes, this Small (RCI-S) leaves 85% free storage space for less camera gear and more free space for other essentials, the Medium (RCI-M) leaves 70% free storage space for a perfect split of camera gear and essentials, and the RCI-L leaves 40% free storage space inside the FJORD 60-C allowing you to pack the biggest amount of camera gear and still have some space for a jacket or other essentials.