Removable Camera Insert (RCI) - How does it function?


1. It is advised to insert the RCI empty into the backpack.

2. Zip off the front lid of the RCI and detach it completely.

3. Open the top zipper of the backpack. It is important to insert the RCI into
the pack from the top zipper and NOT the rear zipper.

4. You can either store the lid between the back of the RCI and backpack to create a new sleeve or leave the zip off lid behind. 

5. Retrieve the Velcro® tabs located on the inside of the backpack sewn 
into the rear panel seams and fix the Velcro® tabs to the inside
walls of the RCI. This will secure the RCI to the aluminum frame and
prevent it from moving around.

6. Ready to start packing!

1. Take empty collapsed RCI out of your check-in luggage.
2. Take the RCI out of dust bag.

3. Fold the RCI walls into a box.

4. Slide the RCI inside the backpack and ready to start packing! 


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